Smart Calf System

Smart Calf System – For modern systematized calf barns

Digitalization in agriculture is arriving in your calf barn! The award-winning Smart Calf System offers modern farmers a range of helpful functions to save time and reduce costs, with a focus on calves’ natural behavior patterns. Comprising three components, the HygieneBox, Smart Neckband and Smart Water Station, the Smart Calf System is a consistent overall concept for modern calf management. CalfCloud collects data from the Smart Calf System and automatic feeder which provides comprehensive information about the health and development status of your calves. Moreover the practical Management Tools reduce your daily workload. Discover Agriculture 4.0 for your calf barn!

The components of the Smart Calf System are also available individually.

HygieneBox – The intelligent teat holder

Offer your calves even more natural feeding with optimized hygiene: The HygieneBox is mobile and durable, which allows calves to engage in their natural behavior of nudging the teat during feed consumption. When calves are uncomfortable, they feed less. You can turn this to your advantage: an integrated activity sensor the HygieneBox registers teat nudges, thereby supporting early detection of illness by your feed system.

The fully automated hose cleaning function of the HygieneBox ensures optimal hygienic conditions. The entire hose system is flushed up to four times daily, also the teat is cleaned from the inside up to the tip – for ideal hygiene, effortlessly. The new external flush automatically cleans the teat after each calf with clear water.

The HygieneBox also features an automatic training function: once the activity of a new calf is registered at the teat, a small feed quantity is dispensed through the teat. This encourages the calf to feed without having to make an effort and calves quickly learn to use the feeding box on their own.

Advantages of the HygieneBox at a glance:

  • Enables calves to practice their natural teat nudging behavior
  • Fully automated hose and teat cleaning for optimal hygiene
  • Saves working time by animating the calf to use the feeding box independently
  • Optimized early illness detection with the Smart Calf System – saves on veterinary and treatment costs

Smart Neckband – Agriculture 4.0 for straightforward calf handling

The Smart Calf System makes your calves shine: the neckband module on the Smart Neckband can be illuminated via CalfCloud. Whether you’re looking for one individual animal or want to identify multiple animals, the Smart Neckband allows you to locate every calf straight away. Digitization in agriculture simplifies calf handling: use the LEDs to show the veterinarian or your staff which calves you want to rehouse, load for shipping or have treated – even when you’re not on-site!

Use the Smart Neckband for calf management: Create To-Do lists via CalfCloud, such as for vaccinations; make the calves you want to identify blink; and deactivate the calf’s individual LED following treatment – for optimal calf management!

The integrated activity sensor on the Smart Neckband supplies important information about the activity and health status of your calves and supports early illness detection by your feed system.

Advantages of the Smart Neckband at a glance:

  • Simplified calf handling thanks to LEDs on the neckband
  • Convenient operation via your mobile device – take advantage of our free CalfCloud service!
  • Always maintain optimal overview when working in the calf barn
  • Optimized early illness detection with the Smart Calf System – saves on veterinary and treatment costs

Smart Water Station – Intelligent water measurement

Frequently neglected and yet so important: Your calves’ water consumption provides important information about the development of their digestive system and is therefore crucial for gentle weaning. The Smart Water Station integrates the calves’ water consumption into your automatic feed system! The water station logs the quantity consumed by each calf and also detects health problems as well as individual ruminant digestion as it begins. This allows your feed system to wean each calf according to its own development, thereby avoiding growth depressions – entirely automatically!

Naturally the Smart Water Station can also be used after weaning – when raising young cows, it provides valuable information about the health status of your animals. Just another way you can benefit from digitalization in agriculture.

Advantages of the Smart Water Station at a glance:

  • Water consumption is recorded
  • Animal-specific weaning that takes into account rumen development avoids growth depressions
  • Optimized early illness detection with the Smart Calf System – saves on veterinary and treatment costs
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feeding box for calves
calf dinks
Neckband for calves
Calf neckband
Calf Neckband
Water station
Feeding station - MaxiFlex
HygieneBox for natural feeding and optimized hygiene
HygieneBoxes for calf groups
HygieneBox - The intelligent teat holder
Smart Neckbands with LEDs for an optimal overview
Optimized early illness detection thanks to Smart Neckbands with activity sensor
Smart Neckbands - Agriculture 4.0 for straightforward calf handling
Convenient operation and an overview of all your calf data thanks to CalfCloud - via PC, Tablet or Smartphone
Recorded water consumption with the Smart Water Station
Smart feeding box MaxiFlex with HygieneBox in a new grey design
MaxiFlex in the calf barn