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Just as children are the future of our society, calves represent the future of dairy farms. In these challenging times, the need to ensure that farms are prepared for the future is greater than ever – in terms of economy, sustainability and animal welfare. Förster-Technik has always been at the forefront of development in this area, serving calf farmers in Europe and in many other countries around the world and forging and shaping major trends. While the focus was initially on the reliability and performance of calf feeding technology, from 2010 onwards more focus was directed towards ensuring “healthier” calves and giving them the best possible start to a long and productive life as a cow. This culminated in the 40FIT concept, a simple and effective feeding philosophy where calves are fed ad-lib under controlled conditions, enabling them to achieve lifelong biological and economic health within the first 40 days. Since that time, further demands on cattle husbandry have emerged in terms of animal ethology and consumer expectations. Several current developments by Förster-Technik are worth mentioning here, such as the comprehensive monitoring of calf health using the Smart Neckband in conjunction with the FlexGrow Neckband that is designed to grow with the calf. Or the new CalfRail DUO, which keeps young calves in small
boxes together in pairs, ensuring their protection while also offering all the advantages of a small group when it comes to animal welfare. This philosophy, which is reflected in many of the products from Förster-Technik, is best described by the motto: ‘Because every calf counts’.

Förster-Technik has been providing automated calf feeding solutions since 1971 and is the pioneer in calf barns worldwide. The company stands for growth. For the healthy growth of calves, for the economic growth of dairy farmers and for the sustainable growth of companies.

Quick Start Guides

From now on our Quick Start Guides are available online for you! The Quick Start Guides will help you with the setup of your machines or with regular routine work.

Automatic Milk Management

Our new milk management, consisting of several products provides you an automatic process from milking to feeding. This way reatins the valuable quality of the milk and work processes can be made more flexible.

Digital Calf Barn

Our calf barn becomes digital! Our digital solutions offer you all calf feeder and calf data in an attractive and clear design. This allows you to check that everything is in order in your calf barn anytime and anywhere.

CalfRail - Automatic feeding in individual pens

Our CalfRail automatically feeds calves in individual pens up to 8 times a day and saves valuable working time! The CalfRail is controlled, cleaned and supplied with freshly prepared feed via the VARIO automatic feeder.

What our customers say

Our machines are used on many large and small dairy farms around the world. What do they have to report? We will tell you! Read customer opinions here from farmers for farmers.

YelloTeat - A teat that can do more!

Hygiene through and through - with "YelloTeat" the multiplication of germs is reduced! Let your calf barn shine - with the "YelloTeat" and radiantly healthy calves!

Keeping it clean!

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More Videos!

Discover our media center with many new videos about products and their functions. Watch videos about our CalfApp VITAL, HygieneBox, CalfRail and many more!