Healthy Calf Rearing

Welcome to Förster-Technik!

For over 45 years we have been developing and producing innovative technology for a successful calf rearing. From our 40FIT-feeding concept to automatic feeders and concentrate feeding – We offer optimal solutions for you and your calves. Förster-Technik has suitable products for each rearing phase: Whether in the first days after birth or during weaning, indiviual or group housing, we create best conditions for your calves to become high-performing dairy cows.

Smart Thermometer

The health-monitoring for calves! Measure, note and safe the health data of your calves fast and easily with our new Bluetooth-enabled "Smart Thermometer" and the "CalfApp - VITAL" from Förster-Technik.


The intelligent teat holder allows your calves in group housing a natural and hygienic feed intake. Equipped with fully automatic pump hose cleaning, activity sensor and teat rinsing from inside and outside, the HygieneBox ensures best health for your calves.

Automatic Milk Management

Pumping milk to distances up to 100 meters or storing and cooling milk? No problem with the "Milk Collector" with its strong milk pump and the "Smart Tank" with its automatic cleaning! Our new products provide for better Milk Management.

We are excellent!

Our new product "Smart Thermometer" has not only been awarded the "Innovation Award Euro Tier 2018" in silver but also the prize "Innovation of the year 2019" in the category software.