Healthy Calf Rearing

Förster-Technik – everything for healthy calf rearing!

For 50 years we have been developing and producing innovative technology for successful calf rearing. From our 40FIT-feeding concept to automatic feeders and concentrated feeding – We offer optimal solutions for you and your calves. Förster-Technik has suitable products for each rearing phase: Whether in the first days after birth or during weaning, individual or group housing, we create best conditions for your calves to become high-performing dairy cows.

We move with the times and offer future-proof solutions and concepts in the field of automation and digitalization for your calf barn as well. Here, we focus especially on animal welfare and, above all, healthy calf rearing – because only healthy, vital and stress-free reared animals can lead your farm to peak performance.

Digital Calf Barn

Our calf barn becomes digital! Our digital solutions offer you all calf feeder and calf data in an attractive and clear design. This allows you to check that everything is in order in your calf barn anytime and anywhere.

What our customers say

Our machines are used on many large and small dairy farms around the world. What do they have to report? We will tell you! Read customer opinions here from farmers for farmers.

Automatic Milk Management

Our new milk management, consisting of several products provides you an automatic process from milking to feeding. This way reatins the valuable quality of the milk and work processes can be made more flexible.

CalfRail - Automatic feeding in individual pens

Our CalfRail automatically feeds calves in individual pens up to 8 times a day and saves valuable working time! The CalfRail is controlled, cleaned and supplied with freshly prepared feed via the VARIO automatic feeder.

YelloTeat - A teat that can do more!

Hygiene through and through - with "YelloTeat" the multiplication of germs is reduced! Let your calf barn shine - with the "YelloTeat" and radiantly healthy calves!

"The Know-How for calf feeding"

Many top farms all over the world have written great success stories with auto feeders from Förster-Technik. In the latest issue of "American Dairymen" Shannon Dietz tells us what it's like in her calf barn and how they raise their calves with the Calf Feeder and HygieneBoxes.

EuroTier 2021 digital

We are part of the digital EuroTier 2021! Find out everything about our products, innovations and more - everything for a healthy and successful calf rearing! We are looking forward to it!

More Videos!

Discover our media center with many new videos about products and their functions. Watch videos about our CalfApp VITAL, HygieneBox, CalfRail and many more!