Healthy Calf Rearing

Welcome to Förster-Technik!

For over 45 years we have been developing and producing innovative technology for a successful calf rearing. From our 40FIT-feeding concept to automatic feeders and concentrate feeding – We offer optimal solutions for you and your calves. Förster-Technik has suitable products for each rearing phase: Whether in the first days after birth or during weaning, indiviual or group housing, we create best conditions for your calves to become high-performing dairy cows.

The smart ActivityBox

The intelligent teat holder allows your calves in group housing a natural and hygienic feed intake. Equipped with fully automatic pump hose cleaning and activity sensor, the ActivityBox ensures best health for your calves.

CalfRail - The mobile feeding box

The CalfRail provides best conditions for healthy and vital calves. It automatically supplies your calves in individual pens several times/day with freshly prepared feed and age-appropriate portions - With only little effort.

MilchMobil makes milk mobile

Carrying buckets was yesterday! With the MilchMobil by Förster-Technik the milk quickly and simply drives almost by itself to your calves. Mixing, driving off and dispensing at the push of a button can be so easy!

EuroTier 2018

Experience everything about management, animal health and digitalisation in the calf barn. Visit us from 13th to 16th of november 2018 at the EuroTier in Hannover and get to know us and our products!

World Dairy Expo

Förster-Technik around the world! You can also reach us in the USA with best advice and technic. We are there for you - At the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI from 2nd to 6th of october 2018.

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show

We will also show our innovative systems for calf rearing at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show. Visit us from 11th to 13th of september 2018 in Woodstock, ON.