Automatic feeding for calves in individual pens with CalfRail

Intensive calf feeding right from the start is the most important factor for strong and healthy herds of dairy cattle. Usually it’s time limitations that get in the way of intensive feeding. Thankfully, there’s an automated solution, called CalfRail: Feed your calves in individual pens up to eight times daily and save valuable work time every day!

CalfRail – The mobile feeding box for automatic feeding

The fully automatic feeding box that comes to your calves: CalfRail moves to the individual boxes and supplies the calves with freshly prepared feed up to eight times daily at the optimal feed temperature. Up to 50 calves can be fed intensively with fresh milk or milk powder feed. CalfRail features fully automatic self-cleaning after each feeding, thereby guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene.

The CalfRail is controlled and supplied by a VARIO automatic feeder.

Feeding that meets calves’ needs with minimal workload

The CalfRail has a feed key that when pressed causes a small amount of feed to be dispensed – so calves become accustomed quickly and conveniently directly after receiving colostrum! Your calves will benefit from feeding tailored to their needs: age-appropriate portions spread throughout the day as well as the optimal feed temperature ensure relaxed feeding and good digestion.

Gain time independence: CalfRail and the automatic feeder prepare feed and perform automatic feeding, so you no longer have to transport and clean calf feed buckets!

Automatic feeding in individual and group pens with just a single automatic feeder

Our VARIO automatic feeder simultaneously supplies feeding boxes and CalfRail with freshly-prepared feed. When calves are moved to different pens, CalfRail can easily be programmed to serve a particular group. The calves’ data is automatically transferred, giving you an ideal overview of the entire rearing period – right on your smartphone, tablet or PC, thanks to our versatile software!

Advantages of the CalfRail at a glance:

  • Time freedom thanks to our automatic feeding system
  • Freedom from routine tasks like feed preparation and cleaning calf feed buckets
  • Strong and healthy animals thanks to intensive feeding right from the beginning
  • Quick and convenient training with the feed button
  • Feed is always freshly prepared at the optimal feed temperature
  • Portions are age-appropriate and tailored to each animal
  • Automatic feeder records feed consumption
  • Perfect hygiene thanks to automatic cleaning – guarantees that the system remains free of feed residue

CalfRail – Can be installed on any farm

Forget calf feed buckets: The CalfRail can be installed in new buildings or older ones. We look forward to advising you on installation requirements and will produce a plan tailored to the needs of your farm. Simply give us a call and experience automatic feeding for calves in individual pens!

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Calf feeder
Calf feeding with CalfRail
CalfCloud and CalfRail
drinking calf
learning calf
drinking calf
learning calf
Calf feeding
CalfRail optimally integrated in the barn
CalfRail in combination with calf fedder
The CalfRail is controlled and supplied by a VARIO smart feeder
All data about CalfRail, calf feeder and calves are available via the Calfcloud.
Drinking calf at the CalfRail
CalfRail with auto-learn-function
CalfRail moves to the individual boxes and supplies the calves with freshly prepared feed.
Calves can be learned easily how to drink at the CalfRail.
Automatic feeding with the CalfRail
CalfRail and the automatic feeder prepare feed and perform automatic feeding.

CalfRail 2.0
Weightapprox. 40 kg
Electrical connection230-240 V / 50-60 Hz
CalfRail units per automatic feedermax. 2
Number of calvesmax. 50 per CalfRail