Automatic calf feeder

Automatic calf feeder for healthy and vigorous animals – right from the start

The automatic feeder for calves is the heart of an automatic feed system. It mixes the portions, supplies the calves around the clock with freshly-prepared calf feed and reliably monitors feeding. At the connected feeding boxes, the calves are identified via a collar transponder or electronic ear tag, and individually fed with fresh calf feed according to their needs. You decide how much your calves can feed and whether to feed them fresh milk or milk replacement. Create your own feeding plan or use our 40FIT Feeding Plan from Förster-Technik! The automatic calf feeder reliably records the feeding behavior of your calves, providing you with a comprehensive overview of all your animals at any time. Benefit from robust, healthy cows and structure your work day as you wish, independent from feeding requirements!

The automatic feeder that meets your needs

The automatic calf feeder is available in two versions: The COMPACT smart model is ideal for smaller family farms, while the VARIO smart advanced model is best for large farms. Both models allows you to feed calves both fresh milk and milk powder. Our wide range of accessories means you can assemble your own ideal automatic calf feeder. We look forward to assisting you.