Automatic Milk Management

Fully automatic process from cow to calf

The concept of the Automatic Milk Management is based on the idea of providing high quality milk to the calf directly from the udder. The closed system consists of the MilkCollector, SmartTank and Automatic Calf Feeder and can be integrated  into any farm as all components can also be used individually. In this way you create an easy and optimum fresh milk feeding with high-quality milk for your calves.


Calf feeding with fresh milk has never been easier!

Calf feeding still demands a lot of time and effort from many farmers. When feeding 100 liters milk per day, about 36.5 tons per year have to be brought to the calves, and mountains of buckets have to be cleaned. With the Automatic Milk Management, your milk is transported automatically from the milking robot or milking parlor to the calf barn. There, the SmartTank cools down the fresh milk and provides it anytime to the calf feeder for the automatic preparation of portions. This leads to a safer and more flexible working process.


Collecting and transporting milk automatically with MilkCollector

The MilkCollector collects and transports the milk over 100 meters in real time, thus helping farmers with an easier fresh milk feeding. The MilkCollector has an integrated control unit and is cleaned automatically with water and compressed air. As part of the Automatic Milk Management and its automatized process you save working time and benefit from considerably less effort of physical workload.

Cooling automatically with SmartTank

The milk is transported from the MilkCollector to the SmartTank, a milk tank or to the MilchMobil. The SmartTank is a milk cooling tank with a capacity of 100 or 300 l where the fresh milk is cooled efficiently without icing of residual quantities. Thanks to the safe process flows of the Automatic Milk Management, the valuable milk quality is maintained and can be prepared freshly by the calf feeder at any time.


Advantages of the Automatic Milk Management

  • Saves working time
  • Safe process
  • Buckets must not be carried anymore
  • Optimum hygiene
  • Healthy calves