CalfApp VITAL - the health of your calves goes digital!

Monitor the health of your calves to a new level! Anytime, anywhere and without any paperwork. With CalfApp VITAL we combine the interaction of the automatic feeder and the health management of your calves.

Health evaluation

With our CalfApp VITAL, we offer you the possibility of immediately recording, saving and viewing the health status of your calves at any time. Note down important parameters such as:

  • Nasal discharge
  • Condition of the eyes
  • Position of the ears
  • Manure quality
  • Cough
  • Temperature values

Note, measure and record the state of health

A calf drinks little and looks bad? Evaluate the various health parameters on a scale of 0 – 3 and observe its progress. Measure the temperature of your calves and use various input options, for example via the convenient voice recognition, the familiar input via the keyboard or Bluetooth transmission. Stored images for each value make it easier for staff from other fields to assess the status of the respective parameter.
Individual notes can be taken for each calf and images of the health impressions assessed can be recorded and stored.

In order to use the free CalfApp VITAL with all its advantages you need a smart generation automatic feeder with cloud connection.
Connected to the CalfCloud, the CalfApp VITAL synchronizes the recorded data with the CalfCloud in real time. This is where all the recorded data comes together and allows you to view, compare and retrieve the drinking data with the health data at any time.

The unique advantages of CalfApp VITAL at a glance:

  • Seamless documentation of the state of health
  • Digital evaluation of health parameters
  • Digital capture of notes and images
  • Upload all data to the CalfCloud in real time


You have a smart automatic feeder? Download the CalfApp VITAL right now and register for free in the CalfCloud!
You can download the CalfApp VITAL free of charge via Google Play und iTunes.

Or simply scan QR Code with your smartphone and install CalfApp VITAL!

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The bluetooth thermometer transmits the data to CalfApp VITAL
A calf looks bad? Just select the calf via CalfApp VITAL and evaluate.
Measure temperature and evaluate health parameters with a scale.
Take individual notes and pictures for each calf.