Automatic lamb and baby goat feeder

ECO lamb and baby goat feeder – Feeding lambs made easy

Automate your lamb feeding! The robust ECO lamb and baby goat feeder supplies up to 240 lambs around the clock with continuously freshly prepared feed. The reliable and proven helper in livestock buildings is easy to operate and is suitable for both goats and lambs.

The automatic feeder for lambs – A strong start in life!

Ready, steady, drink! The ECO lamb and baby goat feeder is optimally tailored to the needs of your lambs and baby goats. The baby animals can feed themselves independently until they are satisfied at up to eight sucking teats – The practical portion counter also shows you at a glance how many of your lambs have already drunk. The milk-substitute feed is freshly mixed in small portions and fed to your lambs at constant and optimum temperature. Thanks to the height-adjustable teat, the learning of its use is facilitated and age-suitable attachment is enabled. So that your animals can experience healthy growth!

Optimum lamb rearing with reduced labor outlays

Structure your days independently of feeding cycles! The automatic feeder for lambs provides your baby animals with a reliable supply of food, the same way as is to be found in nature: Fresh, warm and around the clock. The semiautomatic cleaning of the ECO is easy and quick to carry out and guarantees optimum hygiene with low labor outlays.

Automatic lamb feeding – for healthy animals and scheduling flexibility!

The advantages of the ECO at a glance:

  • Healthy lambs thanks to optimum energy supply
  • Freshly prepared feed around the clock for sheep and goats
  • Always the optimum feed temperature
  • Suitable for all ages, thanks to the height-adjustable teat
  • Easy and clearly organized operation
  • Optimum overview thanks to practical portions counter
  • Simple to carry out, semiautomatic cleaning
  • Independence with respect to time thanks to the automatic feeding system
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ECO lamb and baby goat feeder
Lamb and baby goat feeder optimally integrated in the barn
Automatic lamb and baby goat feeder with four teats
Freshly prepared feed portions for each lamb and baby goat
Fly protection door
Mixer with six junctions
Cleaning pistole for optimal hygiene
High-adjustable teat holder
High-adjustable teat holder
Easy handling thanks to robust control panel
Automatic feeder for baby goats

Feeder typeTAP5-EZ2-32TAP5-EZ2-50
Powder tank capacityapprox. 35 kgapprox. 35 kg
Heat output3,2 kW (230 V)5,0 kW (400 V)
Feed preparation2,5 to 3 l/min2,5 to 3 l/min
Feeding stationsmax. 6max. 8
Number of lambs or baby goats20 to 30 per feeding station20 to 30 per feeding station
Electrical connection230 V / L / N / PE / 50 Hz / 16 A230 V / 400 V / 3 / N / PE / 50 Hz / 16 A
Dimensions (height x width x depth)114 x 64 x 52 cm114 x 64 x 52 cm
Weightapprox. 34 kgapprox. 34 kg