Ad libitum feeding according to the 40FIT concept

Fully exploiting the genetic potential of your calves

Feeding as required in the first few weeks after birth has a positive effect on the overall life yield, because feeding in the early rearing phase has a greater influence on the yield characteristics than breeding.
Up to the 40. day, the basis is laid to ensure that the genetic potential can be fully exploited. The first 40 days of life are so important because tissues and organs grow as a result of cell division. After that, only the cell volume increases and not the number of cells. The basis for high life milk production is laid in this early phase of life. The character of the metabolic rate, the metabolic programming, also takes place during this period and has a life-long effect.

As a specialist in calf feeding, Förster-Technik offers you 40FIT-Products for this. This includes innovative products, such as the VARIO smart automatic feeder for group housing or the CalfRail for individual housing, which optimally support the growth of your calves in this decisive phase. This creates the perfect conditions for healthy, long-living cows with a high milk yield and more efficient dairy farming.

The 40FIT feeding plan – unique, simple, effective, sustainable

The 40FIT feeding plan comprises a phase of controlled ad libitum feeding, followed by a weaning phase. The first phase consists of 35 days and allows calves unlimited feed consumption, distributed throughout the day. However, in order to protect the calf from possible over-drinking, the portion sizes and blocking periods between meals are set. This ensures that growth potential is maximized during the crucial first weeks of life. The second phase consists of 35 days. Weaning from 12 to 2 liters prevents growth reductions and promotes rumen development. The developmental advantages manifest for the animal’s entire life, forming the basis of improved vitality and enhanced milk yield. The weaning phase is controllable based on age, solid feed intake, or weight gain. The 40FIT plan is included as a standard plan in the automatic feeder program and can even be individually adapted to your feeding strategy with your feeding advisor.

Healthy and vital calves with higher weight gains thanks to 40FIT feeding

Calves fed according to the 40FIT plan reach the insemination weight earlier and thus have better conditions for higher reproductive performance and a longer service life. In practice, calves achieve optimum daily increases of 800 to 1000 g. This form of intensified feeding also has other positive side effects: The calves drink more slowly because they do not feel hungry and determine the time of feeding themselves. The milk is thus better digested and growth reductions are significantly reduced. All of this leads to a higher milk yield in the first lactation.

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