VARIO smart automatic feeder

VARIO smart automatic feeder – The state-of-the-art model for calf rearing

Optimize calf rearing and your work processes with our state-of-the-art automatic feeder: The VARIO smart feeds up to 120 calves freshly prepared feed around the clock at the optimal temperature.

The automatic feeder for successful calf rearing

Self-service for calves: With up to four feeding boxes, the VARIO smart is best for farms with demanding requirements. The calves are individually identified via a neckband transponder or electronic ear tag and can access their portions, optimized for their age and specific needs, at any time. The automatic feeder enables calves to feed when they feel like it, simulating natural feeding behavior from a cow. Benefit from balanced calves provided with ideal nourishment, and lay a strong foundation for the health of your future herd of dairy cattle. Healthy, intensively-fed calves grow into vigorous and strong dairy cows with superior output!

Optimal calf feeding with reduced workload

Gain time flexibility! The VARIO smart automatic feeder prepares the feed for you and ensures optimal feeding of your calves – The automatic cleaning feature ensures the highest level of hygiene. With the VARIO smart, you can structure your work day independently of feeding requirements: The automatic feeder reliably and precisely records the feed consumption per calf so you always have an overview of your animals. If a calf’s feeding behavior changes, the VARIO smart immediately reports it – allowing you to respond quickly and prevent illness.

Can it get any more convenient? Yes! The “smart” generation of automatic feeders are internet-capable as standard. Use our free CalfApp & CalfCloud and track your calf stalls on your mobile device!

Advantages of the VARIO smart at a glance:

  • Healthy calves thanks to optimal nourishment
  • Your calves enjoy relaxed feeding thanks to self-determined feeding times
  • Freshly-prepared calf feed around the clock in precisely dosed quantities
  • Feed is always supplied at optimal temperature
  • Individually adjustable feeding plans
  • Feed consumption is recorded, allowing for early detection of illness
  • Fully automated cleaning
  • Time freedom thanks to the automatic feeding system
  • Internet-capable as standard – Use our free CalfApp & CalfCloud!

The VARIO smart automatic feeder that’s right for you

The VARIO smart automated feeder is available in a powder, fresh milk or combination version which allows you to feed both milk replacement as well as fresh milk. Our wide range of accessories means you can assemble your ideal automatic calf feeder yourself: Discover our automatic calibration, robust hose pumps for parallel feeding and much more! We look forward to advising you, simply give us a call.

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Automatic calf feeder vario smart
Calf feeder in the stable
Mixer calf feeder
Calf feeder VARIO smart
Automatic calf feeder VARIO smart combi
Automatic calf feeder with tablet holder
The automatic feeder VARIO smart supplies your calves with always freshly prepared feed.
No more laborious mixing by hand thanks to the integrated mixer
The automatic calf feeder in combination with our HygieneBox

Feeder modelVARIO smartCOMPACT smart
Powder tank capacityapprox. 35 kg, expansion to 50 kg possibleapprox. 35 kg
Heat output5,0 kW (400 V)2,5 kW (400 V)
Power supply230 V / 400 V / 3 / N / PE, 50 Hz, 16 A230 V / 400 V / 3 / N / PE, 50 Hz, 16 A
Feed preparationup to 2,5 l/minup to 1,5 l/min
Feeding stationsup to 4up to 2
Number of calves20 to 30 per feeding station, max. 120 calves at a time20 to 30 per feeding station, max. 50 calves at a time, max. 100 calves/year
TypesMilk powder, fresh milk or combi feederMilk powder or combi feeder
Dimensions (height x width x depth)126 x 57 x 52 cm126 x 57 x 52 cm
Weightapprox. 80 kgapprox. 80 kg