The software for modern calf barns

Agriculture goes digital! Our software products give you modern management tools for your calf barn. Try it for yourself!

CalfApp & CalfCloud – everything you want to know about your calves, on your smartphone

Get all the information you want about your calves, right on your smartphone! When combined, CalfApp and CalfCloud provide you with all calf and automatic feeder data in an attractive and easy-to-understand design. This allows you to ensure that everything is in order with your calf barn, whenever and wherever you want – at the breakfast table or on a tractor. CalfApp also allows you to conveniently control the automatic feeder from your smartphone. Benefit from user-friendly operation and visualization of your animal data. And the best part: CalfApp and CalfCloud are completely free of charge!

The CalfApp and CalfCloud management tools perfectly complement our “smart” generation of internet-capable automatic feeders. Older models can also be retrofitted for “smart” capability. We look forward to advising you, simply give us a call.

Advantages of the CalfApp & CalfCloud at a glance:

  • Rapid overview of all calf and automatic feeder data
  • Check in on your calf barn from anywhere
  • Attractive design with visualizations
  • Simple to operate
  • Control the automatic feeder with CalfApp
  • Simply use your own mobile device – CalfApp and CalfCloud are free of charge!

Get CalfApp & CalfCloud now!

You can download CalfApp from Google Play and iTunes. The app is available for Android (version 4.4 and higher) and iOS (version 8.0 and higher), and there’s no charge for downloading or using CalfApp.

Download CalfApp now and log onto CalfCloud for free!

KalbManagerWIN – The ideal management tool for calf rearing

Your calf barn, right on your desk: KalbManagerWIN is a comprehensive PC program that’s connected to the automatic feeder and offers you detailed tables and graphs about your calf rearing. With just a mouse click, access an overview of your calves’ entire rearing period, examine animals in groups or individually and observe the long-term development of your rearing activities.

The KalbManagerWIN management tool is especially suited to large farms and allows you to network several automatic feeders together.

Advantages of the KalbManagerWIN at a glance:

  • Superior overview of the entire rearing period
  • Detailed tables and graphs
  • Insight into long-term developments – conveniently from your desk
  • Network several automatic feeders

Free demo version – give it a try!

You can try out the demo version of KalbManagerWIN free of charge.

Our presentation shows you how KalbManagerWIN can be used for daily calf management.

NetTerminal – Remote control for the automatic feeder

NetTerminal is a free PC program that enables you to remotely control your automatic feeder. It reproduces the feeder’s hand terminal on your screen, enabling convenient remote control from your desk.

Download NetTerminal free of charge now!

Consult the installation instructions for how to connect the NetTerminal to your automatic feeder.

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