The innovative products from Förster-Technik are used on dairy farms all over the world. Read the opinions of some of our costumers here!

CalfRail in use at the Gögler farm

Testimonial of the Gögler family “It was no problem integrating CalfRail into the existing, older barn facility where our calves are raised. Training the calves on CalfRail is easy. Our calves are fed three times a day on CalfRail. After 4 – 6 weeks the calves are moved to the group pen. CalfRail means calf […]

CalfRail in use at the Kohl farm

Testimonial of the Kohl family “We used to feed our calves with four liters twice a day in buckets. With CalfRail we now feed five times a day in correspondingly smaller portions. The result is amazing: Our calves are significantly fitter and more vital and gain weight faster. Due to the smaller portions and the […]

CalfRail in use at the Franz farm

Testimonial of the Franz family “The chief benefits of CalfRail are reduced workload, time savings, and punctual calf feeding four times a day. So we now need two hours less work with the calves per day on 45 – 50 calves. Using CalfRail it only takes one person to attend to the calves instead of […]

CalfRail in use at the Klug GbR farm

Testimonial of the Klug family “Our calves receive colostrum for three days. They are then familiarized with the CalfRail and are fed 2.5 liters of feed five times daily. We decided in favor of CalfRail because the calf data can be easily accessed in the program, feeding times can be set precisely, feed temperature is […]

MilchMobil in use at the Härle farm

Testimonial of the Härle family “We are very satisfied with our MilchMobil – It saves us a lot of time and effort.” – Monika Härle – Farm profile Farm manager: Monika Härle Location: Ostrach in Baden-Württemberg Farming type: Dairy cattle with female breeding and plant production Cattle breed: Holstein Number of animals: 250 dairy cows, […]

KompaktPasteur in use at the Rautenkranz farm

Testimonial of the Rautenkranz family “Since 2016 we are selling our fresh milk directly to our customers. Our KompaktPasteur from Förster-Technik is in use every day. Due to its small size and compact design it fits perfectly to our company and convinces with its simple and uncomplicated operation, which simplifies our daily work. The KompaktPasteur […]

ColostroFIT in use at the Heim farm

Testimonial of the Heim family “To give all of our calves a perfect start to life and to give us clearly-defined work sequences, we decided to purchase a ColostroMAT. It allows us to pasteurize the colostrum and create a reserve bank of high-quality colostrum. I decided on the ColostroMAT for three reasons: The colostrum can […]