The innovative products from Förster-Technik are used on dairy farms all over the world. Read the opinions of some of our costumers here!

Automatic Milk Management
Automatic Milk Management in use at Ackermann farm

"This is a great relief for us as a family and also for the employees. The physical work is less, you need much less time and also the group housing with the automatic feeder works very well."

HygieneBox at the Wolf farm

"We decided on the HygieneBox because it aims for both hygiene and natural drinking behaviour."

HygieneBox in use at Gerhard farm

"As farm manager, I am pleased to see how animal and species-appropriate feeding with the HygieneBox is."

CalfRail in use at the Gögler farm

"Training the calves on CalfRail is easy."

CalfRail in use at the Kohl farm

"We never want to go back to the feeding with buckets!"

CalfRail in use at the Franz farm

"The chief benefits of CalfRail are reduced workload, time savings, and punctual calf feeding four times a day."

CalfRail in use at the Klug GbR farm

Read here the testimonial of the Klug family!

KompaktPasteur in use at the Rautenkranz farm

"The KompaktPasteur is reliable and supports us in direct marketing of our milk."

ColostroFIT in use at the Heim farm

Read here the testimonial of the Heim family!