Digital calf barn

With our software products we offer you digital and modern management solutions for your calf barn.

Our smart technology, such as Automatic Calf Feeder, CalfApp GO! or CalfApp VITAL, allows farmers  to easily collect any data about calves and automatic feeders.

Get your calf barn on your smartphone! The combination of CalfApp GO! and CalfCloud offers you all calf feeder and calf data in an attractive and clear design. This allows you to check that everything is in order in your calf barn anytime, anywhere – whether at the breakfast table or on the tractor. With CalfApp GO! you can also control the calf feeder from the comfort of your smartphone.

Experience a new digital way of monitoring the health of your calves! With CalfApp VITAL you can evaluate, store and view important health parameters such as temperature, eye or ear condition at any time.

Benefit from the user-friendly operation and the graphical displays of your animal data at any time and any place – simply via PC, tablet or smartphone.