Pasteurizing Raw Milk

Pasteurizing raw milk with the KompaktPasteur

Give your customers truly pure milk! The robust KompaktPasteur heats raw milk gently for reliable pasteurization. Its compact, space-saving design and straightforward operation make the KompaktPasteur ideally suited for all dairy cattle farms.

Pasteurize milk yourself – Your reliable direct marketing aid

The type-tested KompaktPasteur is opening up new sales prospects for direct marketing: now you can make your milk non-perishable with the practical milk pasteurizer – Simply by pressing a button. The pasteurization process is fully automated, from heating the raw milk to final rinsing with water. The easy way to expand your product range to include sterilized milk!

Pasteurized milk in the blink of an eye – Quick, gentle and quantity-flexible

Pasteurize raw milk in just seconds: The KompaktPasteur heats the raw milk for 20 seconds then cools it down again. The highly effective, integrated heat recovery system ensures low energy demand. The precise temperature control reliably prevents milk from overheating – To preserve the milk’s wholesome, natural flavor!

The KompaktPasteur is quantity-flexible, which means it is suitable for farms of all sizes: pasteurization can be performed with as little as 10 liters yet when running at maximum capacity, the powerful milk pasteurizer can pasteurize 1,500 liters of raw milk daily!

Pasteurized milk that’s hygienically pure: The KompaktPasteur is easy to clean simply by pressing a button.

The advantages of the KompaktPasteur at a glance:

  • Low space requirement thanks to compact design
  • Easy to operate thanks to fully automated pasteurization
  • Natural milk flavor is preserved
  • Minimal energy requirement
  • Simple cleaning at the press of a button
  • Suitable for farms of all sizes, thanks to significant quantity flexibility
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The practical KompaktPasteur
Pasteurize milk with the type-tested KompaktPasteur
Raw milk becomes long-life drinking milk with natural milk flavor
The compact pasteurizer for direct marketing of your milk

Electrical connection230 V / 400 V / 3 / N / PE / 50 Hz / 16 A
Heat output8,1 kW
Power consumption0,05 kW / liter
Output180 l/h
Optional cooling stageConnections available
Dimensions (height x width x depth)127 x 75 x 62 cm
Weightapprox. 80 kg