Benefit from optimum hygiene for healthy calves

    Hygiene through and through – the “YelloTeat” reduces the multiplication of germs by up to 99.9% and thus supports successful calf rearing. Hygiene requirements are constantly increasing and we at Förster-Technik help our customers to meet them. YelloTeat is a germ-reducing teat that is available in two different versions. The teat with 4mm holes is for use on automatic feeders, but there is also a teat with a cross slot for use on teat buckets.

    Hygiene in calf rearing is a top priority.

    The YelloTeat is the perfect addition to our HygieneBox, which automatically cleans the teat after each calf.

    Your calves are important to us, which is why the YelloTeat is included with every automatic feeder.


    Here are three more facts why you should choose the “YelloTeat”:

    • Antibacterial effect through and through*
    • Compatible with all automatic feeders
    • Signal color for differentiation

    * Proven by an independent test laboratory

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      Germ reduction of up to 99.9%
      Easy feeding and optimum hygiene thanks to external teat cleaning and the YelloTeat!
      The YelloTeat in practice at the HygieneBox
      The YelloTeat in use on the CalfRail
      The YelloTeat on the CalfRail DUO