Smart Neckband

For straightforward calf handling

The Smart Neckband makes your calves shine: the Smart Neckband can be illuminated via CalfCloud. Whether you’re looking for one individual animal or want to identify multiple animals, the Smart Neckband allows you to locate every calf straight away. Digitization in agriculture simplifies calf handling: use the LEDs to show the veterinarian or your staff which calves you want to rehouse, load for shipping or have treated – even when you’re not on-site!

Use the Smart Neckband for calf management: Create To-Do lists via CalfCloud, such as for vaccinations; make the calves you want to identify blink; and deactivate the calf’s individual LED following treatment – for optimal calf management!

The integrated activity sensor on the Smart Neckband supplies important information about the activity and health status of your calves and supports early illness detection by your feed system.

Advantages of the Smart Neckband at a glance:

  • Simplified calf handling thanks to LEDs on the neckband
  • Convenient operation via your mobile device – take advantage of our free CalfCloud service!
  • Always maintain optimal overview when working in the calf barn
  • Optimized early illness detection with the Smart Neckband – saves on veterinary and treatment costs
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Calf with Smart Neckband
Smart Neckband with LED to find the calf you are looking for
Calf with Smart Neckband