Parallel feeding with SynchroFeed

SynchroFeed – The powerful hose pumps for the automatic feeder

    Exploit the full performance potential of your automatic feeder: the SynchroFeed with one or four hose pumps simultaneously supply fresh feed to up to four feeding boxes. The quantity consumed is separately determined by each pump and recorded for each calf, giving you a superior overview at all times. SynchroFeed additionally supports your calves at farther removed feeding boxes when suckling – for optimally supplying up to 120 calves with just a single automatic feeder!

    The SynchroFeed hose pumps are available in the four-pack or individually.

    SynchroFeed is exclusively compatible with the VARIO smart automatic feeder from Förster-Technik.

    Advantages of SynchroFeed at a glance:

    • Simultaneously supply up to four feeding boxes
    • Precisely recorded feed quantity for each calf
    • Supports the calves when suckling, even at farther removed feeding boxes
    • Up to 120 calves can be fed by each automatic feeder
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      Parallel calf feeding
      SynchroFeed for parallel calf feeding
      Calf feeder with SynchroFeed
      Parallel calf feeding with the SynchroFeed with one Pump
      SynchroFeed with four pumps supplies up to four feeding stations simultaneously with fresh feed.
      With the four pumps the automatic calf feeder VARIO smart feeds up to 120 calves.
      Feed your calves at four feeding stations simultaneously with SynchroFeed and our automatic calf feeder.