Mobile animal scale

Weigh calves quickly and easily with the mobile animal scale

Maintain an overview of your calves’ weight development: The mobile “1-2-3 animal scale” from Bosche GmbH & Co. KG is easy to use and can be comfortably slid toward the calves. The animal scale is equipped with multi-reader animal identification from Förster-Technik and automatically identifies each calf when they step on the scale – For quick and easy weighing of your animals!

Easy handling with the mobile animal scale

The animal scale is both durable and light at the same time, and thanks to large wheels can be easily transported, then slid into the desired position. The low entry height and no-slip floor make it easier for the calves to enter the scale, while the two doors of the mobile animal scale can be conveniently opened and closed from one position. The integrated battery ensures a reliable power supply; the cables are shielded and run through the frame of the scale.

The scale that recognizes your calves

Put down your pen and paper: The mobile animal scale automatically registers each calf via a neckband transponder or electronic ear tag and associates the measured weight with the appropriate calf. The illuminated, pivoting display rapidly and reliably shows the weight of the calf and offers the option to save the data to a USB stick. This way you can easily transfer the weights of your calves to your PC and evaluate this data in Excel.

Do you work with the KalbManagerWIN management program? Just a few clicks is all that’s needed to load the calves’ weight into KalbManagerWIN and onto your automatic feeders.

The advantages of the mobile animal scale at a glance:

  • Comfortable scale sliding thanks to large wheels and lightweight design
  • Low entry height and a no-slip floor make it easy for your calves to enter the scale
  • Save time with automatic animal identification
  • Large, illuminated display for good readability
  • Reliable power supply thanks to integrated battery
  • Quick and easy data transfer to your PC
  • Can be combined with the KalbManagerWIN management program

More information about the mobile “1-2-3 animal scale” is available in the online shop of Bosche GmbH & Co. KG.

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mobile animal scale
mobile animal scale with USB port
mobile calf scale
animal scale antenna
mobile calf scale
The mobile animal scale for calves.
Display with USB port for simple and fast data backup
Mobile animal scale
The MultiReader registers each calf.
Wheels for an easy transport