MilchMobil NEXT

MilchMobil NEXT. More of everything.

Milk trolleys make calf feeding easy. With the MilchMobil NEXT, Förster-Technik presents a new product generation with many improvements for practical use. Worldwide unique innovations have been combined with proven Förster-Technik concepts. This means that you can now feed even more conveniently, animal-specifically, hygienically and quickly.

The right MilchMobil for every farm can be individually configured

120 l, 200 l and 300 l pushed or pulled, with AMS-Cool or even pasteurizing option – the MilchMobil NEXT can be configured individually and fits every comfort demand and every farm size.

Gentle feed preparation even faster

Milk powder is dissolved in no time with the fast-running mixer. Due to the strong battery, even remixing is possible with the calves. This is unique in the world, as is the most powerful heating for heating milk and water or for optional pasteurization with 8kW. This power is possible due to the proven water bath heating: Fastest heating without burning.

Specially for farms with AMS: Cooling of small quantities with AMS-Cool

The AMS-Cool version of the MilchMobil NEXT has an integrated intermediate floor and enables individual milking from the milking robot to be cooled quickly. Cold water is supplied via an external cooling unit or well water controlled by the MilchMobil. The high fresh milk quality can thus be maintained until feeding, even on warm days.

CALFPLAN: Animal-specific feeding

For the first time, CalfPlan ena­bles age-dependent, animal-specific feeding without further aids such as RFID transponders and antennas. The calf pens are simply numbered consecutively. After each dosing out, the next calf pen in which a calf is regis­tered is automatically selected. Pens without calves are known to the system and are skipped.

High driving stability on any terrain

All MilchMobil NEXT models are extremely maneuverable and suitable for any terrain. The powerful drive motor with two speed levels enables rapid transportation or precise manoeuvring during feeding. The four-wheel chassis enables maximum off-road mobility, optionally also available as a puncture-proof version with a foamed core.

Best hygiene thanks to automatic cleaning

The cleaning of all milk-carrying parts runs automatically in several steps and corresponds to good operational practice for milk tank cleaning. A special cleaning nozzle guarantees optimum cleaning results and ensures a high standard of hygiene.

Further advantages and options for you:

  • Gentle warming and fast heating thanks to the water bath
  • AMS-Cool for high feed quality, also on hot days
  • Slow and fast running agitator / mixer, also when driving
  • Best hygiene through intensive cleaning
  • Saving working time thanks to fast feedpreparation
  • Age-dependent, individual feeding with CalfPlan
  • Animal-specific and exact dosing of the feed
  • Foldable bucket or can holder for easier transportation
  • LED light for illuminating the boxes and the driveway
  • High driving stability and good driving characteristics on any terrain
  • The right solution for every user thanks to various models and configurations
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Gentle drink preparation even faster
Driving stability on any terrain
Fast dispensing thanks to the swivel arm
Simple operation
Optional with can holder

TypesMilchMobil NEXT 120 LiterMilchMobil NEXT 200 LiterMilchMobil NEXT 300 Liter
Tank size120 l200 l300 l
Dimensions120 x 69 x 122 cm150 x 79 x 123 cm150 x 79 x 147 cm
Empty Weight (Depending on equipment)144 - 150 kg156 - 178 kg183 - 210 kg
Heating8.0 kW / 400 V8.0 kW / 400 V8.0 kW / 400 V
Mixer5 V 366 U/msn; 24 V 1500 U/min5 V 366 U/msn; 24 V 1500 U/min5 V 366 U/msn; 24 V 1500 U/min
Gel lead-acid battery2 x 12 V /36 Ah (optional 50 Ah)2 x 12 V /36 Ah (optional 50 Ah)2 x 12 V / 50 Ah
Portion control24 V; 33 l/min; 2,1 bar24 V; 33 l/min; 2,1 bar24 V; 33 l/min; 2,1 bar
Traction drive24 V / two drive levels max. 6 km/h24 V / two drive levels max. 6 km/h24 V / two drive levels max. 6 km/h
Central power supply400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz