MaxiFlex feeding box

The MaxiFlex feeding box – Optimal feeding for your calves

The feeding box is a key component of your automatic feeding system: it’s the most important place in your calves’ daily routine – it’s where they get their fill. The durable pipe construction in the MaxiFlex feeding box gives your calves a protected area while also enabling them to keep an eye on their surroundings.

MultiReader animal identification with training function

Responding to a neckband transponder or electronic ear tag, our innovative MultiReader animal identification system detects and identifies any calf entering the feeding box, then dispenses the feed quantity allocated to it. The feed button allows you to dispense a small quantity of feed from the teat at the push of a button – to quickly and conveniently train new calves to use the feeding box! But the MultiReader does even more: The integrated status LED indicates at a glance whether the calf is currently entitled to feed or not.

Hygienic feeding in a natural position

The teat of the MaxiFlex feeding box is positioned in a similar way to the mother cow’s, which enables calves to feed healthily in a natural body position. The automatic teat flushing function cleans the teat after every use, giving your calves optimal hygiene when feeding!

You can additionally equip your feeding box with the HygieneBox : The HygieneBox measures the natural teat nudging motions of your calves and expands the system to include fully automated hose cleaning.

Flexibly adapts to your barn

The frame of the MaxiFlex feeding box can be adjusted by width as well as height, making it suitable for all sizes and breeds of calf. Moreover, the box can also be equipped with a pivoting frame that swings up – for easy dung removal and flexible positioning of the boxes in the barn.

Undisturbed feeding with CalfProtect

In groups of calves of very different ages, small calves may be displaced by larger ones when feeding. CalfProtect ensures stress-free feeding, even for the youngest animals: the gate is easy to mount in existing feeding boxes and closes automatically when a calf enters the box. CalfProtect protects the calf while feeding and prevents it from suckling after other calves’ meals have ended. The time for which the CalfProtect remains closed can be freely selected.

Advantages of the MaxiFlex feeding box at a glance:

  • Quick and straightforward training thanks to the feed button with status LED
  • Optimal hygiene thanks to automatic teat flushing
  • Adjustable frame (height and width)
  • Optionally available with swing-up pivoting frame
  • Easy dung removal and flexible box positioning, even next to swing-out gates
  • Can be optionally equipped with HygieneBox and CalfProtect at a later time
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MaxiFlex feeding station
Feeding station
MaxiFlex station
moveable feeding station
MaxiFlex - swing-up-function
MaxiFlex - Antenne
calf feeding box
calf feeding box with adjustable frame
The smart feeding box for every calf barn
The MaxiFlex feeding box can be folded up easily.
The smart feeding box for each calf thanks to the adjustable frame
MaxiFlex folded up
Thorough cleaning is no problem.
The MultiReader recognizes and registers each calf via its transponder.
MaxiFlex - The protected feeding area for calves
MaxiFlex feeding box with HygieneBox and automatic calf feeder