CalfApp GO!

CalfApp GO! - Your calves always with you

    With CalfApp GO! your calf barn becomes smart! The modern, intuitive operating concept of CalfApp GO! allows you to control many of the calf feeder’s functions via a mobile device and call up data on your calves at any time.

    Digital calf barn

    So you can check at any time and anywhere that everything is in order in your calf barn – whether at the breakfast table or on the tractor. With CalfApp GO you can also control the calf feeder comfortably with your smartphone. Benefit from the user-friendly operation and the clear and visually appealing presentation of your animal data. And best of all: CalfApp GO! is completely free!

    Automatic feeders and calf data always with you

    CalfApp GO! allows you to be more flexible in your calf barn and provides an overview of feeder and animal data at any time and any place. In addition, the management tool is the perfect complement to our “smart” generation of Internet-enabled automatic calf feeders.
    Even older models can be converted to “smart”. We will be happy to advise you, please call us or send us an e-mail.

    The unique advantages of CalfApp GO! at a glance:

    • Quick overview of all feeder and calf data
    • Control of your calf barn from any location
    • Attractive design with graphic representations
    • Simple and intuitive operation
    • Control of the automatic feeder
    • Easy use via a mobile device

    You have a smart calf feeder? Download the free CalfApp GO! now via iTunes or Google Play!

    Or simply scan QR Code with your smartphone and install CalfApp GO!

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      With CalfApp GO! all important data at a glance.
      Get messages about calves or calf feeder via CalfApp Go!
      Call up all animals or select a single calf and get an overview of all data.