Additive dispenser

The additive dispenser – precise and reliable

    Easily administer feed additives or electrolytes to your calves via the automatic feeder: Enter the additive you want to feed to your calves – and the automatic dispenser does the rest! The additive dispenser takes care of the precise dosage and reliable administration of the additives, as a one-off or over a longer period. Make sure your calves get the best – even when they’re away from the barn.

    The additive dispenser is available in two versions, for liquid and powder additives.

    Advantages of the additive dispenser at a glance:

    • Precise dosage of liquid and powder additives
    • Automatic and reliable administration
    • Individually-adjustable for each calf
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      calf feeder accessoire
      calf feeder with additive dispenser
      Additive dispenser
      With the additive dispenser, feed additives and electrolytes can be administered precisely dosed and reliably.
      The smart automatic calf feeder with additive dispenser