The best products for 40FIT

    ColostroFIT – the best conditions right from the start

    With ColostroFIT, Förster-Technik offers a unique colostrum management system that brings a system to the colostrum supply of your calves in the first hours of life. The timely provision of sufficient colostrum in a high quality is by far the most important measure to build up the immune system of your calves. Good colostrum management in the very first hours of life is therefore decisive in determining whether your calf is even given the chance to develop into a healthy high-yield cow.

    Automatic calf feeder from the beginning of feeding to concentrate consumption

    The VARIO and COMPACT smart calf feeders are the perfect companions for implementing the 40FIT feeding concept. The 40FIT is available as standard. Our calf feeder mixes the portions, supplies the calves around the clock with freshly-prepared calf feed and reliably monitors feeding. It reliably records the feeding behavior of your calves, providing you with a comprehensive overview of all your animals at any time.

    Calves need significantly more energy for thermoregulation and their immune system at low temperatures. Temperature-controlled feeding ensures that the increased energy requirement is also met in the restrictive phase. The temperature sensor integrated in the antenna can automatically adjust the feed quantity and concentration to higher energy requirements.

    CalfRail for intensive feeding in individual pens

    The CalfRail supplied and controlled via the automatic calf feeder enables intensive feeding right from the start, even in the very first days of individual housing. It is particularly important at this time that frequent feeding is carried out to promote cell division and subsequent cell growth. These are the best prerequisites for wellbeing and health, optimal feed utilization, optimal ruminant growth, and sustained output.

    Concentrate feeder – for individual concentrate consumption

    Great differences in the early juvenile development of individual animals can be compensated for by concentrate-dependent weaning via the automatic concentrate feeder or, depending on weight, by means of animal scales in the feeding box. The automatic feeder knows the daily requirements of individual animals and adapts accordingly.

      concentrate feeder
      ColostroFIT - consisting out of several components for best colostrum feeding
      Automatic calf feeder VARIO for fresh and temperature-controlled feeding
      CalfRail for intensive feeding in individual pens
      Concentrate feeder for individual concentrate consumption