Comfort Caddy

The Comfort Caddy for convenient dispensing of colostrum

Hands-free colostrum supply: With the handy Comfort Caddy, you can carry the ColostroBAG like a backpack. The practical carrying aid with backstrap enables optimum carrying convenience while feeding the animals and ensures that you will have both hands free while feeding your new arrival. Simply place the ColostroBAG in the Comfort Caddy, screw on the drenching tools or the teat with practical hose extension and supply your calf with colostrum, comfortably and optimally!

The Comfort Caddy is a part of our ColostroFIT colostrum management system. Learn more about the other products from the ColostroFIT product program.

The advantages of the Comfort Caddy at a glance:

  • Handing carrying aid for ColostroBAGs
  • Enables the comfortable supplying of your calves with both hands free
  • Optimally combinable with the other products from the ColostroFIT product program – With convenient at-home ordering from our ColostroSHOP!
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Feeding calves with Comfort Caddy
Feeding colostrum
Feed your calves with practical carrying aid with backstrap
The Comfort Caddy supports the Colsotrum feed