ColostroFIT in use at the Heim farm

Testimonial of the Heim family

"To give all of our calves a perfect start to life and to give us clearly-defined work sequences, we decided to purchase a ColostroMAT. It allows us to pasteurize the colostrum and create a reserve bank of high-quality colostrum.

I decided on the ColostroMAT for three reasons: The colostrum can easily be brought to the correct feed temperature with the system. Cleaning takes less time with the ColostroBAGs and the ColostroMAT, decanting into the different containers is not required thanks to the ColostroBAGs.

As the birthing process begins, we start up the ColostroMAT and warm the colostrum. We can now feed colostrum to the calves immediately after birth and are so pleased with our healthy animals, who start their lives with a lot of energy and strength."

- Pascal Heim -

Farm profile

Farm manager: Pascal Heim

Location: Canton Solothurn, Switzerland

Farming type: Dairy cattle with female breeding

Cattle breed: Red Holstein and Holstein

Number of animals: 90 dairy cows, 100 calves per year

Calf feeding equipment: ColostroMAT, in use since 2015


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