Pasteurized colostrum for optimum protection from the very beginning

Turn optimum colostrum management into your work routine: The compact Pasteur ColostroMAT gently heats the colostrum filled into ColostroBAGs in a water bath and pasteurizes it reliably and effectively within 60 minutes. While germs are killed directly by the pasteurization, the essential antibodies are retained and can be absorbed even better by the calves – For optimum protection from the very beginning!

The strong Pasteur for your colostrum bank

The creation of a colostrum bank is an effective step for ensuring that you will be able to provide your calves with pasteurized and thus optimally prepared first milk immediately after birth. After milking, test the colostrum for quality, fill good colostrum into the practical ColostroBAGs and pasteurize it with the ColostroMAT – The germ-free colostrum can then be frozen and stored for up to six months long. A deep-frozen ColostroBAG from the colostrum bank can already be thawed in the ColostroMAT and brought up to the optimum feeding temperature while a birth is taking place – This will ensure that you will be able to feed your new arrivals immediately with pasteurized colostrum and to create the best foundation possible for a healthy life!

The ColostroMAT – Best results with low labor outlays

The ColostroMAT is stable, compact and easy to operate. The automatic control of all processes, from pasteurization to cooling, heating and cleaning simplifies your colostrum- management – So that you can achieve the best results with low outlays.

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The advantages of the ColostroMAT at a glance:

  • Robust and healthy calves thanks to optimum colostrum supply
  • Simple and effective pasteurization of the first milk
  • Gentle thawing and heating of deep-frozen colostrum to the optimum feeding temperature
  • Ideal for the creation of a colostrum bank of your own
  • Low labor outlays thanks to simple operation and automatic process control
  • Optimally combinable with the other products from the ColostroFIT product program – With convenient at-home ordering from our ColostroSHOP!
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Colostrum-Pasteur for calves
pasteurize colostrum
pasteurize colostrum
colostrum calf feeding
The ColostroMAT is a robust and compact pasteurizer for colostrum.
The colostrum was filled in a 4 liter bag made of aluminium.
The ColostroBAG filled with colostrum is placed in the water bath.
The colostrum in the ColostroBAG gets either pasteurized or heated in the ColostroMAT.
The calf is fed with pasteurized colostrum.
Colostrum management