HygieneBox in use at Gerhard farm

Testimonial of Wilhelm Gerhard

„When we built our new calf barn, we placed great emphasis on work efficiency and animal comfort. Therefore, we also decided on the Förster-Technik concept with HygieneBox. The concept of separating the dirt and wastewater side from the animal area convinced us. In my daily routine I can now check the drain pan without having to dismantle parts or enter the calf area. The construction and the advantageous visibility also make a more efficient morning routine possible. The teat rinsing from outside after each calf always ensures a clean teat and also frees the drain pan from milk residue and dirt. Thanks to the learning effect, most animals get used to drinking with the HygieneBox as if by magic, and the calves can also live out their natural udder bumping behaviour to the full. - As farm manager, I am pleased to see how animal and species-appropriate feeding with the HygieneBox is."

- Wilhelm Gerhard -

Farm profile

Farm manager: Wilhelm Gerhard

Location: Diemelsee, Hessen (Germany

Farming type: Dairy cattle

Cattle breed: Simmental

Number of animals: 300 dairy cows, 290 calves per year

Calf feeding equipment: One automatic feeder with HygieneBox, in use since 2020


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