CalfRail in use at the Franz farm

Testimonial of the Franz family

"The chief benefits of CalfRail are reduced workload, time savings, and punctual calf feeding four times a day. So we now need two hours less work with the calves per day on 45 - 50 calves. Using CalfRail it only takes one person to attend to the calves instead of two. We have been feeding our group-penned calves using a Förster-Technik automatic feeder since 2008, so it was easy to get going with the new system. After the single-pen phase you just reassign the calves to the group on the automatic feeder."

- Michael Franz -

Farm profile

Farm manager: Michael Franz

Location: Hof county in Bavaria

Farming type: Dairy cattle with young cattle husbandry

Cattle breed: Simmental and Holstein

Number of animals: 220 dairy cows, 280 calves per year

Calf feeding equipment: One automatic feeder for one calf group, one automatic feeder for two CalfRail units, CalfRail in use since 2013


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