Collecting and transporting milk for calf feeding

The MilkCollector conveys the milk to the right place

The MilkCollector collects and conveys the milk over 100 meters in real time with the help of a pump. Being the first component of the Automatic Milk Management, the MilkCollector is located close to the milking robot or milking parlor. There, the MilkCollector collects the fresh milk and conveys it in real time to the SmartTank, a milk tank or the MilchMobil in the calf barn. The SmartTank cools even the smallest amounts of milk directly and can be used by the calf feeder for the preparation of fresh portions.

Due to its compact size and design the MilkCollector can be integrated into new as well as into already existing farms.


Conveying milk the direct way

Thanks to the MilkCollector, the milk is not exposed to fresh air, does not come into contact with human hands and needs not to be filled from bucket to bucket. The closed system of the Automatic Milk Management maintains the high quality of the milk that is then fed to the calves.


Cleaning and rinsing

As soon as no more milk is conveyed and the milk line is free, the automatic rinsing start running. The automatic rinsing consists of two steps: rinsing of the container via a spray nozzle followed by the draining of the milk line via pulsating compressed air. Additionally, a manual cleaning with sponge ball and detergents should be carried out for an even more hygienic milk line.

The start time of the automatic rinsing process can be adapted to the individual needs of the farm whereby the milking system does not have to be stopped or brought to a standstill. The MilkCollector can be easily operated via the CalfCloud where the settings can be changed.


Conveying milk the easy way

With the MilkCollector, your milk is brought to where it is needed without much work and effort, without dragging and cleaning buckets. This saves you a lot of work and time.


Advantages of the MilkCollector at a glance

  • Optimal capacity utilization of the milking robot without stopping for cleaning
  • Reliable transport of the milk in real time over large distances
  • Ensuring high milk quality
  • Closed system and hygienic milk lines
  • Reduced workload
  • Can be integrated into any farm
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MilkCollector transports milk from milking robot to the calf barn
The MilkCollector pumps milk over 100 meters in real time
The MilkCollector has an integrated control and cleaning with pulsating compressed air
The MilkCollector collects and transports milk from the milking robot to the calf barn
Automatic Milk Management for optimal fresh milk feeding

Technical DataMilkCollector
Capacity25 Liters
Central power supply230V / 50Hz
Compressed air supply2-6 bar
Water supply2,5-6 bar
Weight35,5 kg