CalfRail in use at the Kohl farm

Testimonial of the Kohl family

“We used to feed our calves with four liters twice a day in buckets. With CalfRail we now feed five times a day in correspondingly smaller portions. The result is amazing: Our calves are significantly fitter and more vital and gain weight faster. Due to the smaller portions and the feeding distributed throughout the day, we don’t have any more problems with calf diarrhoea. In addition, we save more than one hour of working time every day – We never want to go back to the feeding with buckets!”

– Matthias Kohl –

Farm profile

Farm manager: Kohl family

Location: Geroda in Bavaria

Farming type: Dairy cattle with female breeding

Cattle breed: Simmental

Number of animals: 90 dairy cows, 100 calves per year

Calf feeding equipment: One automatic feeder for two calf groups and one CalfRail unit, in use since 2017


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