HygieneBox at the Wolf farm

Testimonial of Christoph Wolf

„We have been working with our new VARIO smart auto­matic feeder since March 2020 and have expanded it by three HygieneBoxes to cope with the increasing number of animals. This allows us to feed the calves at three stations simultaneously. We decided on the HygieneBox because it aims for both hygiene and natural drinking behaviour. The teat is cleaned from the outside after each calf and dirt and milk residues are rinsed into the drain bowl. The natural udder bumping behaviour can be clearly observed as the calves finally have the opportunity to live it out by lifting and pushing the teat. This results in a great stretching of the neck. Especially for the development of the pharyngeal reflex I find this head position useful. At the moment, the work around our automatic feeder is purely for refilling and animal control. We are very satisfied with it and save a lot of time compared to the previous bucket feeding.“ - Christoph Wolf -  

Farm profile

Farm manager: Christoph Wolf

Location: Dietrichingen, Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany)

Farming type: Dairy cattle

Cattle breed: Holstein

Number of animals: 260 dairy cows, 250 calves per year

Calf feeding equipment: One automatic feeder with three HygieneBoxes, in use since March 2020


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