The MilchMobil – Your clever helper in the calf barn

Mobilize your milk! The MilchMobil is more than a mobile milk tank: It mixes and warms the feed, easily follows you into the barn thanks to integrated electric drive and doses out precisely the portions you desire. Lighten your workload with this clever barn assistant!

Horizontal tank with water bath and convenient feed preparation

Forget about mixing by hand: The MilchMobil features an integrated mixer that mixes the feed in just seconds while the horizontal milk tank offers a convenient filling height. The heated water bath in the MilchMobil ensures gentle warming and prevents feed from burning on in the milk tank. Don’t want to wait until the water warms up? The MilchMobil can be programmed to automatically begin warming the water bath whenever you wish.

Mobile feed – All-terrain, precise and hygienic

The MilchMobil is equipped with electric drive and effortlessly follows you wherever you go. The horizontal milk tank and four wheels even ensure optimal stability when driving on uneven ground. The reliable way to bring mobile feed to your calves! Feed is easily dispensed at the touch of a button. Up to five portion sizes can be stored and easily selected using the practical function keys on the drawbar. The MilchMobil dispenses the exact desired quantity and supplies your calves with precise feed quantities, at the optimal feed temperature!

The rotating cleaning nozzle of the MilchMobil ensure optimal hygiene. This makes for convenient milk tank cleaning at the touch of a button.

The MilchMobil is available with a capacity of 120 and 200 liters.

Advantages of the MilchMobil at a glance:

  • Save work time with rapid feed preparation
  • Gentle feed warming with the heated water bath – guaranteed not to burn on!
  • Easy on your back; forget about carrying buckets around
  • Electric drive and optimal stability while driving on any terrain
  • Convenient and precise dispensing at the push of a button
  • Always the right feed temperature
  • Perfect hygiene with minimal workload thanks to the rotating cleaning nozzle
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milk tank with electric drive
calf feeding with MilkMobil
mobile tank with electric drive
mobile milk tank
MilchMobil for freshly preparde milk portions
milk tank mixer
MilkMobil - milk tank
MilkMobil cleaning tank
The MilchMobil follows you effortlessly wherever you go.
Precise dispensing for your calves
The tiller head ensures smooth travel and optimal steering
MilchMobil - robust design for practical use
The MilchMobil is ideally equipped for any uneven surface.
Comfortable feeding with the practical swivel arm
Easy mixing with the integrated mixer
Convenient operation of the milk tank thanks to functional hinges
Cleaning of the milk tank for optimal hygiene
The MilchMobil - for healthy and vitale calves from the beginning

TypesMilchMobil smallMilchMobil large
Capacity120 liters200 liters
Mixer0,37 kW / 230 V; 1320 rpm0,37 kW / 230 V; 1320 rpm
Heater4,5 kW / 400 V4,5 kW / 400 V
Lead gel battery24 V / 50 Ah (2 x 12 V / 50 Ah)24 V / 50 Ah (2 x 12 V / 50 Ah)
Portion control24 V / max. 8 A24 V / max. 8 A
Drive24 V / 0,275 kW, two speed levels, max. 6 km/h24 V / 0,275 kW, two speed levels, max. 6 km/h
Central power supply400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (height x width x depth)120 x 80 x 148 cm120 x 80 x 167 cm
Empty weight163 kg210 kg